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A fun picture to create. Commissioned to celebrate a little boy’s first birthday.


Speedy Loris

I’ve been fascinated with slow lorises for some time.  I like the idea of a slow loris who wants to go faster!

Piggy for Ian

A birthday card for a friend.

Finished version

Finished illustration for upcoming book cover.

Gouache paint.

Reluctant Dragon Gouache

I’m working on a pitch for a book cover.  This character will probably appear on it.

Another experiment with gouache paints.  I had fun with this one!

4th July Matt cropped

A birthday card for my American friend, Matt.


Music montage coloured

I designed this for a music-loving friend’s birthday.  I printed it out and decorated a file and a CD storage box for him.

MacBook sticker

I designed a sticker for my new MacBook, and got it printed by an online company.  I’m pretty pleased with the results!


Meery Christmas