I’m a London-based freelance illustrator. I specialise in humourous animal illustrations for greetings cards, children’s bedrooms, etc.

My ambition is to write and illustrate children’s books, and some of my influences are:

David Lucas

Anita Jeram

Helen Cooper

Jill Barklem

and of course, Beatrix Potter, to name just a few.

You may notice a particular fondness for rodents in my artwork.

I have had an assortment of pet rats over the years, who often feature in various guises.  Also a pair of vicious, neurotic bunnies, many years ago.  Have you ever heard a rabbit growl?  I have!

I don’t just draw bunnies and mice, though – I can draw most animals with a little practice, and I’ve even been known to include people…

Most pictures on this site are available for sale, and I happily take commissions.  Email me for further details.

All rats