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Rusty and Mr Kite

These two characters sit on my bed, and I look at them before I go to sleep every night. I love their shapes and their beady eyes. I’ve been meaning to paint them for ages, and have used the exercise to concentrate on shading and highlights and general observation.


Toadstool party

I.F. 'Enough'

This little piggy

… went to market.

Little dog water colour Little dog sketch

I saw the sweetest little dog on a train the other day. I sketched him from memory a little later, then produced an ink and watercolour version this afternoon. I changed his markings so that he now resembles my sister’s Jack Russell Terrier, Sam.

Darkandstormynight retouched

My first post for Watercolour Wednesdays

I attempted a looser style, since I was covering a lot more paper than usual (A4 – I usually use A5 or A6).

I adjusted the contrast very slightly on the computer, but it’s essentially the same as the original.

Maypole rats

This illustration sprang from a commission I did for a lovely lady who breeds beautiful pedigree rats. She wanted a picture of ratties dancing round a maypole for her rattery website. I liked the idea so much I did one version for her and a different version to keep. You can see the one I did for her on her website, here. Check out her gorgeous ratties while you’re there!


“Oh every time it rains
It rains bunnies from heaven
Don’t you know each cloud contains
Bunnies from heaven…”


I.F. Sour Grapes