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I.F. FierceMy first ever Illustration Friday picture. This week’s category is ‘Fierce’.


Running Bear

What’s he running from/to?  Who knows.  He does look a little anxious though.

I do (colour)A card I gave to my friends, Debs and Matt, on their wedding day.


A good friend of mine, who is also my vet, commissioned me to design a sympathy card that he can send to clients when their beloved pet dies.

I’m particularly pleased with the vase, since I’m never as confident when it comes to representing inanimate objects, preferring to focus on the cute animals. However, the flowers had to have somewhere to go!

Bear lino

My first ever lino-print.


Balloon mouse

Someone I showed this picture to asked me, in all seriousness, if I only draw from life. I said, yes, but my rodent models don’t like to be left dangling from balloons for long periods of time so this picture took ages.

Bunny pile


Friends in dry places

I am a freelance illustrator, currently designing greetings cards, but with a view to writing and illustrating children’s books eventually.

I have 6 pet rats (who often feature in various guises in my work). Their names are Oliver, O’Malley, Sammy, Joe, Eloise and Goody.

A popular formation, commonly known as the \'ratpile\'.  Snuggly.